The iPhone 8 launch event might be only a few weeks away


Summer is coming to a close, and so the tech world is bracing for the fall event cycle. Now, we might finally have an idea of when we'll get to see the most hyped-up product of the season, the iPhone 8, at an Apple press event.

Apple's annual fall event will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 12, according to a new report from French-language Mac4Ever which was spotted by 9to5Mac.

The site claims that Apple told wireless carriers when to expect the event in order to prep for the ensuing influx of new inventory and the inevitable marketing blitz that will come along with the unveiling of the next generation of iPhones.

The report's exact sourcing isn't clear, so you should probably take the report with a huge grain of salt — but the date makes sense, given Apple's history and what we think we know about the current state of the iPhone 8's development.

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If Apple sticks to its schedule from the last few years, we should be hearing something more official soon. The company sent out press invites for its fall event on Aug. 29 last year, and Aug. 27 in 2015. Those keynotes took place on Sept. 7 and Sept. 9, respectively — so if Apple has actually scheduled Sept. 12, the company will probably invite us all to the party no later than next week.

Some speculators were concerned that complications with the new iPhone development would push the release date — and therefore the initial unveiling — into October. The most recent reports claim that the company is on track for its typical September schedule, however, with mass-production starting during the month. Supply is expected to be even more limited than in previous years, however, so the next-gen iPhones might be hard to find immediately after their release.

We're expecting the event will feature the debut of the deluxe iPhone 8 and upgraded 7S and 7S Plus variants and a new LTE-enabled Apple Watch, along with Apple's typical pageantry and overblown claims about how the company is working on changing the world in its imageto make it a better place.

Apple could also use the fall keynote to debut the Steve Jobs theater at the company's massive new Apple Park campus, but as 9to5Mac notes, it's not exactly clear if construction has even finished yet. Stay skeptical about the exact location and date of the event until we hear for Apple itself — hopefully, the wait is almost over.