How To Boost Smartphone Battery Life


Andriod, iPhone or Blackberry users will definitely run into such issues that the smartphones do not have endless battery life. Though we are always hoping that the smartphone battery will last at least one day because they just need to recharge it overnight.

Unfortunately, some factors will help to speed up the power consuming process and there are no smartphones with endless battery life. What we can do is to try our best to make our phones' batteries last longer. But how?

1. Lower your smartphone screen brightness

If colorful and bright screens are your preferences, I'm sorry to tell you that the display, which can be regarded as the power's enemy, consumes battery life at a fast speed.

Dimming the screen brightness can consume less power. Same goes for the wallpapers. A black colored wallpaper will do better than colorful ones regarding saving power.

2. Shorten the "screen timeout"

Do you know how long your smartphone screen will stay lit after you press the button to check the time? Screen timeout section decides this and there are multiple choices for you to choose. In order to save power, pls set it to the shortest available time.

3. Turn off apps sucking the most power

If the apps are what you never or seldom use, you can uninstall or turn off the apps.

4. Do not forget to update apps

It seems troublesome to update apps but it can actually help to improve the smartphone battery life. That's also one of the purposes why developers always try to update the apps.

5. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and WiFi

It is obvious that these functions will also reduce battery life. Of course, this is not an everyday solution because WiFi need to be used every day. As for the other three, we can turn off it when it is not used.

6. Avoid inessential notifications

Though the concrete power consumption is still uncertain of the notifications, we can know that when your smartphone receives a notification, the screen will light up while making a noise or vibrating. That also needs power.

7. Avoid running apps in the background

You can turn off some apps that do not need to run all the time. Turn them off and save juice to make your smartphone last longer.

If all of these are not available, you can get a power bank to recharge your smartphone wherever you need, which is a great solution indeed.

Overall, tips and tricks related to this are far more than the above solutions. What are your measures to better smartphone battery life?